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Re: Server questions

Am Mi, den 22.12.2004 schrieb Paul um 19:10:

> I've installed a server without any X support or desktop environment.
> httpd is running happily, but I have a problem with SELinux and also
> configuring what services to start on reboot. Any help would be
> appreciated.
> The problem with SELinux is this:
> From rom memory, I need to disable one of the httpd services selinux
> protects, however, system-config-securitylevel-tui has nothing there for
> configuring SELinux, so I'm guessing I have to do it by hand. Without
> changing the SELinux setting, then all I will get is that the httpd
> server has to be run from a directory and not a file.

Are you really sure you "need" to disable SELinux for Apache? Why?


I recommend fixing the situation and not disabling SELinux for this
service. SELinux specific help you can get at "Fedora SELinux support
list for users & developers. <fedora-selinux-list redhat com>".

> What do I change (and more over where!) to alter the selinux settings
> manually?


> Which config file contains the list of services to run on reboot as
> well?

Fedora is a System V Linux system. There is no central file containing
the service start/stop configuration. Use "chkconfig" to configure the
runlevel specific service configuration.

> Paul


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