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Re: Yum upgrade of YUM gives error about missing dependencies, error list is emtpy.

Marcel Janssen wrote:

On Wednesday 22 December 2004 17:58, Ben Russo wrote:

--> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait.
---> Package yum.noarch 0:2.1.12-45.rhfc3.at set to be updated
--> Running transaction check
--> Processing Dependency: Requires: for package: yum
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: missing dep: Requires: for pkg yum

I also find big problems when using ATrpms. I stopped trying for now untill ATrpms works with a clean FC3 install.


Yep, it was ATRPMS that busted stuff....
This morning I got the following updates from atrpms:

   howl-0.9.8-0_5.rhfc3.at                       Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:44 AM EST
   libhowl0-0.9.8-0_5.rhfc3.at                   Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:44 AM EST
   gnome-vfs2-devel-2.8.2-9_1.rhfc3.at           Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:46 AM EST
   gnome-vfs2-smb-2.8.2-9_1.rhfc3.at             Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:48 AM EST
   libhowl0.9.6_1-0.9.6-6_3.rhfc3.at             Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:10 AM EST
   gnome-vfs2-2.8.2-9_1.rhfc3.at                 Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:11 AM EST
   libsoup-2.2.1-1_1.rhfc3.at                    Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:15 AM EST
   DCC-1.2.64-9.rhfc3.at                         Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:53:16 AM EST
   python24-2.4-2_2.rhfc3.at                     Wed 22 Dec 2004
   11:50:27 AM EST\
   (plus an evolution-data-server update...)

My evolution stopped working.... :-(

So I removed atrpms from my sources.list
--nodeps removed these RPMS
and then did an apt-get update
and an apt-get install (list of RPMS just de-installed, replaceing libhowl* with howl-libs)
and then evolution started working and apt & yum stopped complaining about yum.


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