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Re: Thunderbird message filters

Claude Jones wrote:
Michael W. Carney wrote:
 > Claude Jones wrote:

| In the version of Thunderbird that comes packed with FC3, I'm having a
| puzzling problem. I've created filters for the inbox and if I actuate
| them manually they work. In the filters management window, they are set
| to run automatically. Yet, they won't. They only work if I manually
| click on the command. Does anyone know what's up? I've checked the
| faq's, the help files, all the settings, and I can't figure out what is
| missing...

You need to create the filters "per account" in order for them to run
automatically (Not "Local Folders"). Select the account you want to
filter from the filter dropdown, then create your filters. Not
intuitive, and annoying if you want to share filter elements among
accounts, but that's the way it is.

Makes sense if you only have a few accounts that need filtering.

OK. I thought that might be it, but hadn't gotten around to trying it. I could uses for that, but, I sure hope they make the filters 'assignable' in future upgrades. Otherwise, that could get to be a pain.

And remember to check the box "Delete from POP server" if you have a limited mailbox size with your ISP.

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