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Re: Athlon+1024 Mb RAM+FC3

John Summerfield wrote:

Define "matched." I bought them from the same supplier and they were in the same price range. I'd have thought that the supplier would ask questions if it were important.

Look at the actual chips on the modules. Compare the old ones to the new ones. Even if they're identical, thats not enough to say that they "match", as modern modules are actually programmed via an onboard control chip to provide timing and other information on how the memory chips themselves should function. The same physical module can be "programmed" several different ways at the factory to provide RAM appropriate to several different machines.

Also check you main board specs. Some mainboards require that modules be populated in pairs. Put 4 modules in the wrong way and you get errors. Put them in the correct way (a matched set per pair of ram slots) and they work. Some mainboards are picky about the number of physical chips per module. Too many chips draw too much current and the circuitry supporting the chips can't handle the draw during memory intensive operations.

Your best bet is to get all the RAM at one time from a supplier like CRUCIAL for the particular mainboard you have. Crucial guarantees that their RAM will work for any mainboard they support. We use them exclusively and have done several hundred machines worth of RAM thru them with 0 RMA's.

Bill Gradwohl
bill ycc com
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