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Re: OS X

On Wed, December 22, 2004 9:08 pm, John Summerfield said:

> Comparison with competitors is always appropriate; if Linux in general
> anbd FC in particular comes off second-best in such a comparison then
> those highlight areas where Linux _must_ improve.

_Must_ impove?  Says who, and why?   You assume Linux is meant to cater to
one market or another.   But Linux _must_ do absoluetly nothing for
anybody, anytime.    You only get a say if you're prepared to do something
to help besides complain and point out shortcomings.

Whose competing with OS/X anyway?  I don't see any Red Hat products aimed
at any of the same people OS/X is aimed at.   Let alone Fedora, which
isn't targeted at joe-handicam-consumer by a long shot.

Can things get better and move in a more end-user friendly direction?  
Sure.    Do we have to get their tomorrow or even soon?   Nope.    You're
not shedding new light on these issues.   Everything you've mentioned is
well known.   Pointing out well known shortcomings may be therapeutic for
yourself, but isn't good for much else.


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