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Re: Shutdown -h does not complete

--- James McKenzie <jjmckenzie51 earthlink net> wrote:

> Here is one for the books....
> If I startup my system and immediately shut it down,
> it does.
> However, if I bring up the ppp0 interface and drop
> it, shutdown -h or 
> shutdown -r appears to hang shutting down IPTABLES. 
> This recently 
> started and before this happened, I received the
> following error:
> Cannot map key 255 to event 2072 (this is from
> memory) and the system 
> will shutdown or reboot.
> This is perplexing as IPTABLES should not be a
> problem as I can manually 
> stop and start this process.
> Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to
> fix it?
> James McKenzie
from man shutdown:
"A lot of users forget to give the time argument and
are  then  puzzled by  the  error  message shutdown
produces. The time argument is mandatory; in 90
percent of all cases this argument will be the word

personally I use: shutdown now -h


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