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Re: Generic Kernel in FC3

Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 11:00:40AM -1000-i dÃtummal Amy M ezt Ãrta:
> I tried to compile the generic 2.6.9 using the stock config file from 
> FC3 kernel but failed.  The reason I want to use a generic kernel is 
> that the Netraverse patch (for Win4Lin) now only applies to generic 
> kernels.
> Could anyone who has happily used the generic 2.6.9 kernel with FC3 be 
> kind enough to post his/her experience?  Thanx.

I use a vanilla 2.6.9 with the config file of the 2.6.9-1.681 FC3
kernel. I also had failure message connected to scsi drivers. I fired up
make menuconfig and disabled lots of scsi drivers, which I definitely do
not use. Afterwards I had no problems. It is still running. I had to
recompile the kernel, for the FCÂ kernel was not able to handle USB
connections of my Tungsten E correctly.

Tibor Attila ANCA
<anca tibor gmx de>
(please, no HTML eMails!)

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