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Re: Newbie

Mehdi Bouhalassa wrote:

Matthew Miller wrote:

You don't generally need KPPP to connect via DSL. Is this an internal DSL
card of some sort, or is it external? If external, how is it connected?

It is an external modem that uses phone line for high speed.

Here's a pic:


Also, what's your ISP?


It's a local internet service provider.

And finally, you don't happen to have one of those little home
firewall/router/switch/accesspoint boxes, do you? Those make life really

No, I don't have any firewall/router/switch/accesspoint boxe.


if I understand that question correctly actually you do have one of those firewall/router/switch/accesspoint boxes. What it boils down to is the modem acts as your access connection point to your ISP via the phone line on the external side of the modem and ethernet on the computer side of the modem/router.

Here's what ya do to connect, and kppp has nothing at all to do with connecting. That is for dialup service.

1. On your main menu locate system tools->Internet Connection Wizard.
2. choose the type of connection you wish to create. The device type you will likely use is "ethernet". ( your DSL modem should have an internal IP address of or - the modem is your "gateway" )
2.a In the event, and you should try this at least once to be certain, that you should use the device type " xDSL connection simply follow the wizard through to completion filling in all the information that you're prompted for.
3. follow the wizard and create your connection defining your gateway and your DNS server information that your ISP has provided you with. There are normally two - primary and secondary.
4. Once you're finished with the connection configuration open a terminal window.
a. if you've created an ethernet connection restart the ethernet
service with this command: /sbin/service network restart

	b. if you've created an xDSL connection then follow the
           instructions for intitiating your connection given by the

That should do it.


"If you have found a very wise man, then you've found
a man that at one time was an idiot and lived long enough
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