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Re: new to fedora

--- "T.Q. Publications" <tqpublications yahoo com>

> i have just overwritten my windows xp (computer was
> beginners. Anyone know of a book that is
> recommended. A  to the point book of commands, what
> they do and where files go, and what in the world is
> going on.. Thanks
> signed... a true beginner-i need the very basics

TQ: and I bet that's not your real name... I like the
Wiley Publication "Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 Bible," by
Christopher Negus. ISBN:0-7645-5745-9. It's a $50
book, that I bought online from WalMart, for 30 some
dollars. shipping was $2 or something silly. Can't
beat that! In England it's 34 pounds (that's what the
book says on the back.

I've used this author / series from RH7.3, and taught
me how to do the basics of installs, command line,
administration, scripts, backups, security, LAN
configuartion, firewalls (basic), print server, file
server, mail server, web server (apache) dhcp & NIS,
MySQL, DNS, etc...  Of course I still have questions,
that's why I'm on this list, but this has to be a
great starter.

as you are a C++ and VB prog. this will be easy stuff
for you.

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