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Re: Newbie

Mehdi Bouhalassa wrote:
Ok, everything is fine and I can connect using xDSL.

Now, it won't read my music CD... And any idea how I can access my XP partition?



I'm assuming you're using Fedora Core 3, yes? If that is the case then you and I are in the same boat with the CD's. this much I know... its a permissions problem. I just haven't taken the time to ferret it out yet and get it working correctly. you can mount the CD drive as root user, but as a normal user you can't. Still workin on this one.

As for reading your XP partition if your XP partition is formatted NTFS then you've got to have the support for reading that filesystem enabled in the kernel. Mandrake Linux has this support compiled in by default, but so far as I've seen RedHat doesn't. You very well may have to recompile the kernel to allow you to view the contents of your XP partition.


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