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Re: Memory Usage: Firefox / Evolution

On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 20:44 -0500, Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
> Ooooh, HECK, no!  Could someone please explain to me how Firefox could
> be taking up 114MB (34 MB shared) and Evolution 207MB (26.7 MB
> shared)?

Well, they are both complex programs and do use quite a lot of RAM.  I'm
sure they both could benefit from optimization.  And I believe there's
ongoing work on Evolution to slim down the memory usage.

However, you didn't state what type of memory you're referencing.  Based
on the inflated numbers and reference to "shared" I would guess you're
looking at the vmSize.  If so, are you sure you understand what you are
looking at?  This is not the amount of RAM+swap being used by the
program.  You may want the (VmRSS) "Resident Memory" usage value.

Firefox is using 26 MB resident memory (0MB swap, 26MB RAM) on my system
with 12 web pages open in several windows.

Evolution is using 98 MB resident memory (0MB swap, 98MB RAM) on my
system with a 2.1 GB mailbox opened.

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039

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