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Re: FC3 x86_64 boot hangs at HAL Daemon

> Server System details:
> Asus A8V Motherboard
> AMD 64 3000+ CPU
> Kingston 256Mb RAM
> WD 40Gb SATA HDD (2x) (RAID 1)
> Radeon 9200 ADP Video card

Hum, I have the same mobo as you, and also can't boot on FC3...
actually the system can't boot on any kernel later than 2.6.5...
I get an error message regarding powernowk8, during the kernel
initialization, and, when trying to start X ("the graphical/window
system"), the screen locks up displaying a weird picture that
resembles my wallpaper, locking up the system, but the mouse still

> the video setup but still continued. Now on boot the system runs up to
> 'starting the HAL Daemon' which gets a green 'OK'. Then the screen
> blacks out and, after a few seconds, returns but is locked up. The mouse
> pointer moves, but nothing else responds.
> I removed 'rhgb quiet' and was able to boot to the command line, but I'm
> a relative Linux newbie and don't know what to do to continue.

Can you list your BIOS confirgurations (are you running with Cool and
Quiet enabled?? ACPI 2.0??)?? Maybe this could help me...
Have you checked the system logs?? Take a look at the
/var/log/messages file and also the X.org log, under
/var/log/Xorg.0.log; the error might by listed in there...

Thiago dos Santos Guzella
Electrical Enginnering Student - UFMG (www.ufmg.br), Brazil 
Linux User #354160
UIN: 13465286. Jabber: tguzella @ jabber.org

"Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy laws my services are bound..." 
William Shakespeare

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