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Re: Fedora Core 3: /media/cdrecorder keeps dissappearing

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:

Since it just silently dissappears, I have no idea where to start diagnosing this.

Have you considered running a script every minute via cron to check the drives status and send the result to a log file? When it disappears, you'll have a time stamp and then you can check the real logs for what went on @ that time.

I don't know how you're checking the drives status, but the following might form the basis for a script:
date >>log.file
# Put your checking code here, and make sure you output to the same log file, most likely via>>log.file

Then add the script to crontab to run every minute and wait for it to happen again.
With a bit more sophisticatiuon, you could have the box send you an email or ring the bell when it occurs.

Bill Gradwohl
bill ycc com
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