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Re: Can fedora write-mounted NTFS partitions be SMB shared for write?

On Friday 24 December 2004 19:26, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>I have read a number of FAQ's and HOWTO but I have
>not found anything that explains how to do what
>I want and if write support will work in the setup
>fashion I seek.
>I have a dual-boot system with win 2000 and fedora FC3
>of which I want to have FC3 as my default and I want to
>make the NTFS partitions available for writable SMB shares.
>As I understand it, the write danger comes in when someone
>as a fedora user tries to write into a write-mounted NTFS
>partition using the NTFS drivers.  But what is not clear,
>is if there is any danger from creating a Samba write-sharing
>of a mounted-write NTFS partition via Fedora.
>Can anyone give me any pointers, howtos, faqs, advice?
>Kind regards,

I don't believe thats a road I'd turn down to explore if the NTFS 
filesystem is actually mounted (mount -t NTFS /etcetera /etcetera) on 
the box runnng linux.

Now if its actually a samba share on a box running windows and 
available via an smbmount from that windows box, that will probably 

NTFS mounted partitions under linux have several limitations which is 
why they are normally mounted read-only under linux.  Those 
limitations are that while the file can be made writeable, it cannot 
have its length changed, and a new file cannot be created.

Those are rather restrictive conditions, so if you want to edit the 
file, then first copy it to a good filesystem, do the editing, and go 
back to the windows box and use a samba share from your linux 
filesystem to the windows box to copy it back.  Or just resign onself 
to doing that editing on the windows box.

Cheers, Gene
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