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David Corrigan wrote:
I'm about to install Fedora Core 3 on an SATA harddrive, anyone have
any tips or advice before I start? I've heard about some peoples
problems and want to do my best to avoid them.


Hi David,

My experience with FC3 and SATA drives is it really depends on the controller and whether or not the CD drive is IDE or not. I recently had the unpleasant experience of attempting to install FC3 on an HP Proliant and no matter how hard we tried and no matter what we tried it wouldn't go on correctly. We'd get the system to install ok, but it wouldn't boot. kept on dying in the first stages of the boot with kernel panic because it couldn't see the partitions where the OS was located.

the problem came down to a catch 22 because of the particular kernel driver that "had" to be present in order to be able to install and run FC with the controller that was in the machine. Had we been trying to install RH Enterprise Linux that would have been a different story.

What we finally ended up doing was installing Mandrake 10.0 on this machien and its running fine. My advice to you is to research fully your hardware compatibility before embarking.


"If you have found a very wise man, then you've found
a man that at one time was an idiot and lived long enough
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