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Re: Fedora on servers

I am still running a FC1 box doing sendmail, dns, dhcp, apache, ftp, mrtg, big brother, and spamassassin for 2 domains. Runs great. No big load on it but real stable and reliable.


On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Nathan Grennan wrote:

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 09:53 -0600, Nick Miller wrote:
Hi All,

  I am new to the list so I apologize if this has been asked before. I
was wondering if anyone here has been using fedora in a production
server environment, specifically web and mail services. I know it is
bleeding edge but it seems really stable in my experience.

 I have no problems with FC2 and FC3 for production servers in the
stability sense. I do have to recompile some packages to do what I need,
but that is true with any distribution.

 I have four dns servers, one web server, one authentication server,
one backup server, and one monitoring server all running FC3. I have one
mail server running FC2. The reason it is still running FC2 is that it
is the most critical and I have been too lazy to come in after hours and
upgrade it. Otherwise it would be FC3 too.

-- Don Dupy

FC1 - Kernel 2.4.22 - Dell Poweredge 600SC
email: fedora maxxrad net

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