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Re: new fedora core3 installation

On Sunday 26 December 2004 11:10, cfk wrote:
>  I seem to have fubar'ed the display settings as I get a bunch of
> vertical lines after the KDE window manager boots. The system
> displays correctly during some boot screens, somewhat
> inconsistently. For instance, I was able to fill out the
> firstboot screens including setting the display to 1600x1200 and
> "thousands of colors" (16bit).

The i810 video driver is broken with the original FC3 distribution 
but the latest xorg packages have gone some distance to fixing the 
problems.  After you boot up in run level 3 update your system with 
the latest xorg packages and it may fix your problems.  One 
work-around for many of us with the original FC3 driver is to add 
to the driver section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf the following line:

  Option "noaccel"

>  I suspect that I merely need to incantate inside the XF86-config
> file, but I cannot seem to get a terminal window without X.
> Alt-Ctrl-F1 doesnt work anymore on this particular system, and I
> dont remember how to tell grub how to boot to run level 1 or 3.
At the grub selection screen press the letter "e", navigate to the 
kernel line and press the "e" again, append the number "3" to the 
end of the line to enter runlevel 3.

There is quite a bit about this problem in both the archives of this 
list, the fedora-test list and bugzilla.

Regards, Mike Klinke

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