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GNOME terminal bell and PC speaker after FC2 to FC3 upgrade


The terminal bell in GNOME seems to have vanished after I upgraded by FC2
system to FC3.

First of all, this isn't anything to do to with the pcspkr kernel module.
It's loaded and the pc speaker is working. If I go to the console (outside
X - control-alt-F1) and type:

echo -e "\a"

I get the usual beep. If I do it within GNOME terminal, nothing... or
rather GNOME *will* flash the screen if I set visual beep, but it won't
use the PC speaker any longer. Why?

I've checked GNOME Terminal menu -> Edit current profile -> "Terminal
bell", and it is ticked.

Gnome Control Center -> Sound -> System Bell -> "Sound an audible bell" is
also ticked.

But nothing works. I've tried all options -- if I set the visual feedback,
then the screen will flash... but no beep. Are there any other settings
I've missed or is this just a very irritating bug in GNOME (I used the
beep as feedback when navigating command history or editing command


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