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2GB limit on samba and nfs?

Sorry for the cross post, but the environment calls for it.

I'm running a RHL9 server, and an FC2 client.

Whether by NFS or SMB, I'm running into the same problem.

On my FC2 client system, I'm trying to create a 3.5GB file on the RHL9 based
server.  Every time I try, though, I get stuck at the 2GB mark.

At present, I'm attempting to do this via x-cd-roast, which, of course, makes
use of cdrecord(-prodvd).

I'm stuck...I've got the ProDVD key working, as I'm writing more than 1GB,
and I'm not aware of any limitations on x-cd-roast.  The mounted filesystem
has 40+GB free on it, so that's not an issue, and I'm running SGI's XFS, to
which I've written files larger than 2GB, before...but directly on the
RHL9 system, as opposed to via networked filesystem.

The system is up to date, as I'm using apt-get against the fedoralegacy
servers for the RHL9 system, and am using both up2date and apt-get for the 
FC2 system.

I'm at a bit of an impasse.

Is anyone aware of nfs/smbfs limits that I should be aware of?

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