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Re: total newbie to fedora and linux in general...


> I have not installed fedora core 3 as of yet but will be i think i'll go 
> with a dual boot with xp for now.. seperate hd's for both... I read that 
> fedora3 doesn't read/write a ntfs drive is this planned to be fixed 
> anytime soon? as ntfs is a much better system then a fat setup... I also 
> have an os/2 box with hpfs hows does fedora handle this aswell?

It is completely possible to read and write to ntfs under FC3. You need
to download a small module and install. Writing to ntfs is not advisable
as it is such an unstable filesystem. Many distros don't come with ntfs
enabled in the kernel due to patent problems with Microsoft (though I
think that is under review)

> What kind of file system does fedora use anyway? 

Whatever type you like! By default (i.e. you let FC3 use it's own
defaults), it's ext3

> Is it better then say 
> the hpfs system? as I found the hpfs system to be the best so far out of 
> any i have used... I never have to defrag hpfs and never had any 
> problems with it so far...

What's defrag? Doesn't get done under Linux at all ;-)

> Any other tips on fedora would be nice aswell...

As questions. We're always happy to help out :-)


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