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Re: Using MiniDV camcorder with FC3

El dom, 26-12-2004 a las 15:24 -0600, Gustavo Seabra escribió:
> Hi,
> I have a Panasonic PF-GS9 camcorder that I'd like to use with Linux. It 
> has a USB port, that I'm guessing it must be compatible only with USB 
> 2.0, but I'm not completely sure. I'd appreciate some help with a couple 
> of questions i have:
> 1. I'm not sure what kind of USB port do I have here. How can I find 
> ithat out for sure?

Try hwbrowser.  You will need root password.  Execute it from the
terminal or from the main menu: Apps -> System tools -> Hardware browser

You could use lspci as root too.

> 2. In case I have the correct port, what program(s) would I need to use 
> this camera with the computer? With that i mean what is needed/suggested 
> to upload and edit the videos?

I think just connecting the camera to the USB port should do the trick.
It will be treated as a storage device (I guess) so you can copy the
files to your hard disk with nautilus.

If you plug your camera and nothing happens you can
check /var/log/messages to check kernel events.

Before connecting do this as root in a terminal window:
# tail -f /var/log/messages

plug your camera in and post the kernel events to the list.


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