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Re: Changing default browser in KDE - RESOLVED

On Sunday 26 December 2004 17:30, Richard S. Crawford wrote:

> I would like to use Firefox as my default web browser.  I've changed the
> file associations in KControl so that html files bring up Firefox instead
> of Konqueror, but this seems to be a problem for php files.  When I click a
> link, it looks like KDE downloads the file and tries to open it locally
> instead of sending Firefox straight to the site.  I tried adding *.php to
> the list of file extensions associated with Firefox, but that didn't do the
> trick.

Simple fix.  In the File Associations dialogue, where I selected Firefox, I 
needed to use this as the command to launch firefox:

/opt/software/firefox/firefox -remote 'openURL(%u,new-tab)'

Which not only gets Firefox to run instead of Konqueror, but also opens the 
link in a new tab.  Pretty sweet.

I have nothing against Konqueror.  But I have all my bookmarks and preferences 
set in Firefox just the way I want them, and don't want to change right now.

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