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Re: cyrus-imapd howto - SOLVED!

Am Mo, den 27.12.2004 schrieb Ow Mun Heng um 8:20:

> > Partly true. Based on the packaging by Simon Matter the Cyrus-IMAPd on
> > FC2 has the autocreate patch, see
> > 
> > http://email.uoa.gr/projects/cyrus/autocreate/
> > 
> > Thus - if you configure it proper - INBOXes can be created
> > automagically.
> I've read about it and I've read the doc sources in FC3, it does list 
> this as something which is already there. Does there need to be a 
> special flag to tell it to autocreate??

Of course.

> Ow Mun Heng

Above site does explain the switches. In the "Installation instructions"
section you find all information:

Check the following options of the imapd.conf file. 
createonpost :  It must be "yes" in order to activate patch operations,
when an incoming message arrives (LMTP). (default = no)


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