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Re: Failed disk in Raid

Michael J. Pawlowsky wrote:
On one my home machines I run Software RAID 0 ever since I had set it up for a client of mine.
I figured it is good insurance.

Well it looks like last night it paid off.
I received a disk failed event.
My primary / partition has a block that is not writeable on /dev/hda

If this was a customer's machine I would say trash the disk and put in a new one.
Not worth the $ for the trouble it could cause.

But since this is my home machine, and my $ are a bit more precious to me, I was thinking of removing all the partitions from the raid and trying to fix it using chkdisk and then adding it back into the raid.

What do you think?


I don't think that chkdsk would do you any good for marking off the bad sector for use in a linux system. Also, the one bad block usually is a warning that the whole disk is on the way to total failure.

On computers that I had a totally corrupted filesystem and thought reinstalling the OS (M$ on these computers) the bad blocks did not show on the reformatted system. The disk did fail again within 6 months, so replacing the disk is probably you safest option.

If the disks that are failing are IBM/Hitachi I'd certainly get rid of the disks. Other vendors might not be as high of a risk.

Just my opinion. No technical research on my part.

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