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[OT] Cannot access LDAP data souce in OpenOffice 1.1.2

If anyone else has accomplished this, I need some pointers on what you did.

I'm using FC3 w/OpenOffice 1.1.2 installed from FC3 RPMs. All updates are

I want to consolidate my address data using LDAP. Other clients work (GQ,
Mutt, Thunderbird, ldapsearch, OOo 1.1.3 on Win2k), so I don't think it's
the LDAP service. The LDAP directory was setup using the Quick Start
instructions at openldap.org.

 1. I use File -> Autopilot -> Address Data Source

 2. Enter localhost as the server

 3. Enter the base as specified in the suffix setting in slapd.conf

 4. Click OK.

 5. See error dialog stating that data source has no tables.

I get effectively the same result without the error dialog if I setup the
data source through the Tools menu -- no tables are found and LDAP data is
not accessible.

I know this is not strictly a FC issue, but this works on OOo 1.1.3 on
Win2k accessing the same LDAP server. If anyone who has gotten this to work
can tell me how they did it and/or send some sample LDIF data, I'd
appreciate it.


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