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Re: Logical Volume Pernissions (PLEASE HELP)

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 06:48:47 -0500, Michael J. Pawlowsky
<mikep mi-consultants com> wrote:
> Does anyone know where the script that creates the logical volumes is
> and if I can modify that to give the lv the proper permissions?

I'm speculating this will work, since LVM is initialized rather early
in the boot process (I've not tried this)....

LVM2 creates all the device files via the device mapper (udev)
interface.  Thus the ownership and persmissions are controlled by the
udev configurations, which are under /etc/udev/.  In particular look
for a file under /etc/udev/permissions.d/

It contains a list of device file "patterns" and the appropriate
arrtributes that the device file should have (owner, group, and
permission).  There probably are no entries for any LVM devices, and
so the default owner and permission are as listed in the udev.conf
file (root:root 0600).

Note that rather than modify that file, you can just create another
permissions file (udev reads all files in that directory that have a
.permissions extension).

Read man udev.

Deron Meranda

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