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Re: Re: Hard disk parts

>On Tue, Dec 28, 2004 at 05:29:03PM +0300, Tammar K. Ajam wrote:
>> Hi, to all.
>> I have two hard drives. one of them is for Windows XP installation and 
>> the other is for Fedora 3 installation.
>> Each boot loader for the two system reside in the same MBR where the 
>> system installed. i mean each system has its own hard disk.
>> each time i run Partition magic 8 under windows it's report that the 
>> Hard disk two (The Fedora hard disk installation) is damage.
>> Partition magic work fine with Fedora core 1,2 and Redhat 9.
>> i try to use the ext2 but the same thing happen to me.
>> So is the problem with the boot loader.
>> dose this problem will damage my hard drive. or it's safe and a normal 
>> state.
>You are probably fine.
>There is no standard for hard drive partitioning (and some companies
>wouldn't follow it if there were one), so there are variations.
>In general, check partitions for a given OS with that OS's
>tools. Check your Windows HD with Windows tools, and your Linux HD
>with Linux tools. However, there are three different versions of fdisk
>for Linux, and they may report different results on the same
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But some time i mess with my installation.
So, I use Partition magic browser to browse my damage installation, and get what i need (like downloaded files or emails).
As i say before it was easy to do it with Redhat 9 and other fedora release.
BTW, when i run windows XP, I can see the Fedora partition listed with my other windows partition. but i can not get access to ot (it's reported like an empty partition.
Parition magic reported it as (Type 8E) partition. but the BOOT partiton is reported as (Linux ext3).


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