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Re: Some sites don't work with Firefox (FC3)?

Dave wrote:
On Monday 27 December 2004 05:34 pm, John Cox wrote:

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 17:28:18 -0800, Dave <fedora-user nospam dnsalias org>


OK, here's an interesting glitch I have no clue about. Several websites I
tried today don't like Firefox. Trying to access www.sfbc.com (Science
Fiction Book Club), I get "Bad request. Your browser sent a query this
server could not understand."  Trying to get to www.woodline.com (router
bits), I get just plain "Bad request"

I just got both with no problem.

Very interesting ... I just found another one. My bank's web banking page tells me I must use a browser with javascript enabled ... but javascript IS enabled. And I can't find anywhere in the preferences how to change which browser string Firefox returns.

I'm running FC3, no updates. Fresh install. No browser extensions or anything funky installed yet. On a whim, I enabled popup windows to see if that affected anything. Nope.

FC3 hates me. My sound card won't work. Shutdown doesn't work. mp3's wouldn't work. My USB thumbdrive locks up the USB subsystem. One thing at a time, though ... have to be able to browse ...

Perhaps you should consider updating the entire distribution, if you have not already done so. I was able to browse to www.sfbc.com with no problem; did not check the other. I'm currently using FF 1.0. Before updating the distro, there were enough problems that I eventually gave up and went back to core 2 until I got DSL and could get the core 3 update done overnight...


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