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Re: Links in Thunderbird email open new window in Firefox

Gustavo Seabra wrote, On 12/29/2004 02:04 AM:
Gene Smith wrote:

Gustavo Seabra wrote, On 12/29/2004 12:23 AM:

Gene Smith wrote:

I don't know if this is a user problem, TB problem or FF problem or FC3. I think I have the FF prefs right and no matter what I do when I click a link in TB I get a new window in FF when I really want a new tab. Does this actually work for anyone? It worked as expected in mozilla and mailnew in FC2 but not with FF/TB in 64bit FC3. This is with
FF: 1.0
TB: 20041216

Was using TB .9 with same results.


Hi Gene,

I just had the same problem recently. It is a well known bug in Firefox, that makes it override your user prefs (although I don't have the bugzilla number now). To solve it is actually pretty simple: edit the file /usr/bin/firefox to remove the "new-window" parameter in line 224, and it should work:
This is how it looks like in my case
# Old line 224:
# exec $MOZ_CLIENT_PROGRAM $MOZ_CLIENT_PROGRAM_PARAM "openurl($opt,new-window)" 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
# new one:
exec $MOZ_CLIENT_PROGRAM $MOZ_CLIENT_PROGRAM_PARAM "openurl($opt)" 2>/dev/null >/dev/null

Hope that helps.

Yes it does! Thanks. However, FF/TB seems to have lost the ability (compared to Moz/Mailnews) to middle click on link in email and load link in tab in background on the browser. Or am I missing something here too?

I'm not sure what you mean by "load link in tab in background", but recheck your prefs on Firefox. In my case I have, in Prefs --> Advanced --> Tabbed Browsing:
Open links from other applications in:
--> A new tab in the most recent window

That works for me, but it brings the new tab up, even if I de-select "select new tabs opened from links". Is that what you mean?

Yes, I have the same setting in Tabbed Browsing as you. What I mean is that when I normal click (left click) on a link in TB I now get a new tab in FF and FF immediately displays the contents of the new tab. This is also how Moz/Mailnew worked. However. with Moz/Mailnews when I middle click on link in Mailnew, I would get a new tab and the website would load in the tab ("in the background") without changing the main Moz window contents. To see the selected site I would have to click on the new tab. Now middle clicking in TB just selects the link (draws a box around it) and does nothing more. However, middle clicking from within FF does exactly as I expect and loads the new site in the tab in the background. Hope this makes sense :) Perhaps since FF and TB are separate apps this can't be done?

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