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Re: alternatives

Am Dienstag, den 28.12.2004, 16:37 -0800 schrieb Globe Trotter:
> --- Peter Boy <pboy barkhof uni-bremen de> wrote:
> > If you wish to use different Java environments for different programs
> > you must provide a special start script for each one (adjust the search
> > path and the environment variables appropriately).
> > 
> Thanks, Peter. Does that mean I can run this start script separately as a
> mortal user, or do I need to be superuser?

It may be a script in /usr/bin with normal access rights, i.e. world
executable. In case of Sun's Java you put this kind of script
into /etc/profile.d, e.g.

if [ -z "$JAVA_HOME" ]; then
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_03
export PATH="$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin"

It is executed during system start and makes java available for all
users. Instead, name it java-1/javac-1 java-2/javac-2 and so on, modify
the values of the variables appropriately, and put it intro /usr/bin

It's not necessarily a clean way of installation, more a developer way
to be able to test several Java implementations.


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