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Re: [Apache] MySQL Authentification

Am Mi, den 29.12.2004 schrieb Sébastien Bisoglio um 10:06:

First and very important:

DON'T hijack foreign threads! You replied to a thread from April 2004
with the topic "Network Problem". Always start a new list mail with an
empty mail. Use your address book if you don't remember the list mail

> I'm having a problem with MySQL authentification with apache (for 
> protected folders).
> Now i'm using a thing like this :
> <Directory /var/www/html/prive>
> AuthName "Espace Privé"
> AuthType Basic
> AuthMySQLUser fdfdsfds
> AuthMySQLPassword fdsfdsfds
> AuthMySQLDB auth
> AuthMySQLUserTable users
> AuthMySQLNameField user_name
> AuthMySQLPasswordField user_passwd
> AuthMySQLGroupField user_group
> require group fdsfds
> </Directory>
> But i have 10 folders to make like this then i'm searching for a 
> solution which is more simple... Have you ?

More simple in which way? You should be more clear in what your problem

> I have a second problem. For adding people in my auth database, i'm 
> using PHPMyadmin and i make a SQL query but i need a more simple web 
> interface to do this.. it exist or not ?

If you need a specific web interface for only the purpose to fill the
AUTH table for your Apache users, then simply write it your own using
PHP. This can be done within a few minutes. Though I don't really
understand what's simpler than using phpMyAdmin. You don't need to make
SQL queries but could edit the table content like an Excel sheet. Or
simply store SQL statement for reuse.


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