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Re: [OT] Fedora-List Trivia - # of Messages in 1 Year

Am Mi, den 29.12.2004 schrieb Timothy Payne um 15:19:

> Alexander, THANK YOU for all your hard work, you have helped me and
> countless others on the list.  I was just looking in my saved folder and
> most of them have your name on them.  I hope you can keep it up in 2005.
> Tim...


thank you very much for your kind and respectful words. To demonstrate
that I am not always harsh and rude :) I am replying public and not by
private mail (though it might be better). For 2005 we'll see how much
time I can offer.



Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | new address - new key: 0xB366A773
legal statement: http://www.uni-x.org/legal.html
Fedora GNU/Linux Core 2 (Tettnang) on Athlon kernel 2.6.9-1.6_FC2smp 
Serendipity 15:54:40 up 6 days, 17:38, load average: 0.54, 0.43, 0.41 

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