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Re: squirrelmail does not send mail out in fc3?

Am Mi, den 29.12.2004 schrieb Hongwei Li um 18:21:

> I have stopped iptables, but the situation remains the same: users can
> read/send mail by using pine, outlook (using pop3), but squirrelmail can
> only read mails.  They cannot even send mails to local users.

Did you check the syslog for SELinux messages?

> The difference between fc1 and fc3 in this issue is imap.  In fc1, I can
> explicitly set imap on (chkconfig ...), but in fc3 there is no option for
> chkconfig imap ....  I have to use dovecot, and I do use it to enable pop3
> and imap.  Now, pop3 is working, but imap is not -- I guess.  Can somebody
> help me to check and figure out this issue?

Presenting log file content is the key for being able to help.
Configuration file content if the log files have no helpful content.

> Hongwei Li


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