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Re: sendmail auth - restrict user to local-host-names

Am Mi, den 29.12.2004 schrieb shrek-m gmx de um 19:46:

> >>s it possible to restrict a user to send mails with smtp-auth only to 
> >>local-host-names ?
> >>"dummy shrek local" should only be able to send mails to  "shrek.local"
> >>fc3, sendmail-8.13.1-2

> >http://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/restrict.html

> thanks, but my sendmail knowledge is restricted.
> there exist no feature in eg. /usr/share/sendmail-cf/feature/
> FEATURE(`intern.only')  :-((

No, it is no feature at all.

> some questions.//
> where do i have to add this?


So place it at the end of the sendmail.mc.

> F{Internal}/etc/mail/intern.only

> sorry, but i doubt that i can add this ruleset in my sendmail.cf without problems.


> i have absolutely no experience with rulesets and do not know how to modify the ruleset for 8.13.1-2

Don't edit the sendmail.cf!
When adding the LOCAL_RULESET to the sendmail.mc take care to use
tabstops between the LHS and RHS entries. So for the first line for

R$*		<here are tabstops - no spaces>		$: $1 $| $>3 $&f

> shrek-m


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