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Dynamic and Static DNS


I want to know is it possible to connect to a windows
system from a linux system by using any graphical
remote desktop utilites ? Are KDE Remote Desktop and
Terminal Client Server useful ? Again, I mean in
graphical mode. Telnet have already solved in bash.

Also I am just curious to know what is the difference
between dynamic and static DNS servers. Now I think
when there is a LAN with a server and some clients it
is possible to use the server as a DNS server and then
the server will have a name such as aaa.bbb.ccc
instead of IP address and so on for clients and it
should be called Dynamic DNS server. Am I right ? But
when there is a web server with static IP address of
course for example something.com and some zones are
added like zone1.something.com to it, it should be
called static DNS server ? One more thing, lets assume
a web server with static IP connected also to a local
LAN and supposed to act as a print server in LAN. Is
it possible to use the web server's domanin address as
local domanin too like www.something.com and other
clients will have client1.something.com,... ? Even
possible for a web server to be used to a site like
www.something.com and also has a different DNS address
for local LAN like mylan.net or ... ?


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