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Re: Linux Home Server HOWTO - Open For Review

On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 07:01, Miles Brennan wrote:
> G'day All,
> For the last 7 or so weeks I have been drafting a "Linux Home Server 
> HOWTO", which I plan to submit to TLDP within the next few weeks (all 
> going well).

For DDNS, an alternative would be to use ddclient which is a perl script
and it acts as a deamon and polls the interface for the IP and updates

I used to use dynip.sh though, but it's a bit clunky.

On the Firewall stuff
My comment is, wouldn't it be simpler to note that all of those can be
performed using a package such as shorewall? Teaching CLI for iptables
great and stuffs, but it's more Low-level than high Level. (as you put

On your squid section, I believe that the FC3 startup scripts already
does the database/cache directories if it's not been initialiased
already so your squid -z would be moot.

start() {
    for adir in $CACHE_SWAP; do
        if [ ! -d $adir/00 ]; then
             echo -n "init_cache_dir $adir... "
             $SQUID -z -F -D >> /var/log/squid/squid.out 2>&1

normally I would comment out protocol 1,2 and only leave protocol 2
there. Protocol 1 is susceptible to MITM.

I guess that's it from me.

Ow Mun Heng
Gentoo/Linux on DELL D600 1.4Ghz 
98% Microsoft(tm) Free!! 
Neuromancer 09:56:17 up 13:02, 5 users, 
load average: 1.56, 1.25, 1.24 

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