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Re: Advice needed: Where do I start with development (RAD) with DB access

On 29-Dec-2004/19:58 -0500, Chris Ruprecht <chrisr ruprecht org> wrote:
>My requirements are:
>1. Must run under Linux (GNOME/KDE)
>2. Must be able to get it compiled somehow to run under Windows (I know,
>I don't like it either)
>3. Must be RAD (Rapid Development Environment)
>4. Must be able to interact with a PostgreSQL database over the net

What about a Web app with some Javascript thrown in?

If you can control the client platform, you can do a lot with XUL and
Mozilla-based browsers.

OpenOffice scripting has been used by some people to create graphical apps
using ODBC for data access. I don't think the language is very weel
documented though.

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