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Re: newbie installation

Hi,  Thanks for posting and welcome to the list.  Since you aren't
worried about preserving windoze or anything else, I would recommend
just loading it and accepting the defaults.  There is no need to
format ahead of time or anything like that at this point.  Just go
through the installation process from the first cdrom.     Swap space
is theoretically approximately 2x the amount of ram but that varies. 
It is also highly dependent on hardware and opinions differ greatly on
this sometimes.

As far as preserving future space, that's up to you.  How big is your
hard drive?  Sometimes I do keep extra space for future installs. 
Then again you could plan to blow this one away on a regular basis, it
can be highly educational to do a lot of installs, especially with
regards to playing around with parition sizes etc that you can't do on
a production system.  Some people do dual boots with multiple
versions, say FCx and FCy, then when FCz comes out they install z over
one of the others.

Good luck

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:20:34 -0800 (PST), s l <jet4l yahoo com> wrote:
> hi i am a newbie and i wanted to install fedora core 3
> on my dell - 128 Mb RAM, pentium III, 20 gig hardrive,
> with win me currently installed on it. i don't want to
> keep windows on it. do i format the hardrive before i
> install fedora? how do i format? what size should the
> partitions be? i saw on list that someone recommended
> making a separate partition for a future os or distro,
> room for swap space, and room for the general area of
> the hardrive. is this true? how much space should be
> in each?
> thanks alot!
> -david
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