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Re: Nvidia driver - Newbie Frags System

On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 10:43 +1100, Nicholas Comino wrote:
> I installed the Nvidia driver for a Geforce Ti4200 card. After editing the 
> xorg.conf file from driver = "nv" to "nvidia" and rebooting, the system 
> first hung at "Configuring kernel parameters". Rebooting into runlevel 3 was 
> ok, but startx failed. I am a newbie.
> questions:
> 1. how to access the log file which alledly contains more explanation?
> 2. how to open a text editor in a text prompt.
> 3. What caused/how to fix the problem.


Please start a new thread for a new subject.

Anyway,  the log is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.  Hopefully that will show
you something meaningful.  A suggestion:  Try booting, removing quiet
and rhgb from the kernel command line.  This will stop the graphical
boot process and give you more details about the kernel boot up.

There are a couple of text editors available in text mode, vi is the
most common.

I cannot say what the fix is without knowing what failed.  I did see
another posting earlier today about this same card, but cannot remember
the details.  One other thing, be sure the booting kernel is the same
kernel as the one you built the nvidia drivers for.

BTW:  I'm running the nvidia drivers without problems.


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