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Re: Fedora 3 Install troubles

You probable are running into a version of this error

It includes an update that you can install on a diskette, and when 
you run the install you use linux update (the database is down for 
maintance, so I can not check the exact command) or something 
like that instead of just enter. It will then prompt you to insert the 
diskette, and it will read the updated info that gets around the 
problem with the geometry of the drive. 

There are also some other solutions listed, so you might want to 
look at all the options.

On 30 Dec 2004 at 0:00, Phil Scherzinger wrote:

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> Got a new pc, and am trying to install Fedora 3.  I get the following message:
> assertion (heads > 0) at disk_doc.c:485 in function probe_partition_for_geom() failed
> I am given two options, Ignore, and Cancel.  
> Message is displayed several times with "heads > 0" changing back and forth to sectors > xx (xx value seems to change).  Also the value on "c:485" also changes.
> Any thoughts or suggestions?
> Basic PC config is:
> p4, 2.4ghz
> 512m mem
> 120gb sata drive
> 80gb eide drive
> memorex cdrw
> dvdrw
> Thanks in advance
> Phil
> Phil and Bev Scherzinger
> Spring, Tx 77388
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