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Re: Usb scanner problem

Vinicius wrote:

Jim Cornette escreveu:

david walcroft wrote:

Jim Cornette wrote:

david walcroft wrote:

  I have had a scanning problem since moving up to FC3 from FC2 and
that is it is not identified by gimp,kooka and so on.
ptal-init sets it up and :-

[david reddwarf ~]$ sane-find-scanner
found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0 [Hewlett-Packard], product=0x2811 [PSC 2100 Series]) at libusb:003:003

but :

[david reddwarf ~]$ scanimage -L
scanimage: hp-option.c:3710: hp_optset_fix_geometry_options: Assertion `tl_x && tl_y && br_x && br_y' failed.

software is uptodate
[david reddwarf ~]$ rpm -q hpoj
[david reddwarf ~]$ rpm -qa | grep sane

Any ideas anyone....

Thanks david

Try adding the testing repo to your repositories to get the latest programs. I have an hp 2100 scanner and it seems to work alright in FC3.

I'm not sure what the hpoj has to do with the scanner.


Refer to below bug report for needed packages.

I just added my 2c to the bug as updating to updates-testing hasn't worked,hpoj and
hpijs together handle print and scan requirements.

Thanks david

I have a scanner that is seperate. It is not a scanner printer combination. It is an HP 2100C model flatbed scanner and works fine with the testing versions of the suggested programs installed.

Since I don't have a combination unit and do not know if there are seperate usb device nodes for the scanner and another for the printer or if they use the same usb node for each device. It makes more sense to me for the devices to have seperate nodes per device. Could it be that the node for the scanner portion is not being set to the right setting?


Are the program versions that are supposed to get the permissions setup correctly? It looks like you have these versions installed from the addition to the bug report.

Sorry that this remedy couldn't fix your problem. It sounds like hpijs is not being loaded correctly. You might try searching bugzilla for multi-function device entries.



I've a HP PSC 1315 and I've installed the HPLIP driver (http://hpinkjet.sourceforge.net/index.php), so the scanner works fine with xsane.

Best regards,

Do I need to uninstall the 'hpoj,hpijs'rpm's first or just add hplip.I did see it at hpinkjet but it did'nt
connect that it might be my answer.

Thanks david

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