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Re: Accessing hosted domains inside a LAN

On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 09:54 -0700, Bob Brennan wrote:
> > >Are you using named-based virtual hosts? 
> > 
> > Yes I have set up named-based virtual hosts in the Apache config
> file.
> > 
> > >If so, you should set up a
> > >split DNS in Bind 9 where internal hosts are given the internal IP
> > >addresses of the servers, and external hosts are given the external
> > >addresses. 
> > 
> > Linux-webhost-semi-newbie: Could you explain how/where to do that
> > please?
> >Sanity check first:
> >Do you have a NAT gateway so you have to access the server with
> >a different IP number from inside clients? 
> The server is static IP = 10.0.010 and is the only Linux machine, all
> others on the LAN are Windoze DHCP addressed. The router has a real-
> world static IP from my ISP. I have a NAT entry in the router to send
> all port 80 traffic to
> >Try putting the
> >inside number in an entry for the server name in /etc/hosts
> >on a test client machine.
> All clients are different flavors of Windoze, so no can do(?)


WinNT, Win2k, XP all have a hosts file in:

I'm trying to remember where it is in Win98, but that's been a long,
long time. Try poking around in C:\Windows\System32.



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