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Re: New Installation

Jim Carlson wrote:
For those interested, using 'linux text' is under way and working to get my
installation completed.

I am not sure how to apply influence, or offer a suggestion, but it would
have been nice for the install to recognize the problem with running X and
rather than telling me it was safe to "you may safely reboot your system" it
could ask if I wanted to perform a 'linux text" install instead.

If nothing more than -

"if this message is seen during initial installation it is safe to reboot
and at the boot prompt type 'linux text'"

would have given me a heads up to what was going wrong.

File a Bugzilla report !! An RFE maybe. (Request For Enhancement)

BTW, the release-notes at fedora.redhat.com has info about possible problems with graphical install, and the use of 'linux text' as well as nofb for LCD equiped machines.

My next question is now that I have done a linux text install happening, do I only have a command line interface or will KDE or GNOME work?

The 'linux text' tells the installer to run non-graphical, you still get the same choices as graphical install mode. If you choose a default install, X will be there.

X may not work, in which case you might need to fiddle a bit. If the system tries to start in X, and fails you can try :

'ctr alt f2' to get a terminal
Type 'telinit 3' to go to run level 3
Type 'redhat-config-xxfree86 --reconfig' to start the X configuration tool.

Hopefully, a good X config will result. telinit 5 will then go to run level 5 and start X for you.

Good luck,

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