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Re: Empty email from emiliano.brunetti@fastwebnet.it

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 16:31, Charles Howse wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Ok, perhaps I *was* a bit hasty.  
> Sorry about that, but I can't figure out why *I'm* getting email addressed to 
> the list in my inbox, when I have KMail filtering set to move email <to: 
> fedora-list redhat com> and <list-id: fedora-list redhat com> to my "Fedora" 
> folder.

I received mail in my inbox from Gerritt Holl, once only. Its mail got
also on this list. 

> He has also failed to answer my email to him asking him to please stop sending 
> me those empty emails.

Man, did you ask me something? I didn't get any mail from you. I only
saw a hasty mail on this list not really worth answering (as you already
had a answer from somebody else and looked like you were the only one
with such problem).

However, i am not sending you mails, at least not by purpose. I have no
mails to your mailbox in my sent or out folder. I have no control on my
company mail server (as you can see those guys run MDaemon on a Windoze

I'll give a call to our 'mailman' to check what's going on. How many did
you get and when did it all begin?

Sorry for any inconveniece - if any, totally out of my reach and will.


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