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Re: yum install Mysql

david walcroft wrote:

Mario St-Gelais wrote:

david walcroft wrote:

A bit stumped for dependancies on Mysql 4.0.16 :

Package MySQL-client needs perl(the), this is not available.
Package MySQL-bench needs perl(this), this is not available.

FC1 has perl-5.8.1-92 installed,I looked at CPAN but nothing
I have a .cpan in ~david but don't realy know how to use it.

Thanks for any help david

I suggest you get the rpms from www.mysql.com. You will likely need both client and server packages.

I did. building 4.0.17src.rpm as I write.


I just downloaded the RPM's from mysql.com and they work fine..

I installed..

After that I installed the packages that were dependent on mysql like php-mysql and they went in with no problem.. No need to rebuild from srpm..

Alternatively if you want to build then this page may help..


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