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Re: Is someone manage to install nvu?

No, you don't have to unpack in your Firebird directory. Here's what I did:

1. Download http://cvs.nvu.com/download/nvu-0.1.tar.gz
2. Download http://glazman.org/libstdc++.so.3.0.4
3. Create a new empty directory called nvu (doesn't matter where)
4. copy nvu-0.1.tar.gz into the empty directory and unpack with "tar zxvf nvu-0.1.tar.gz"
5. As root, copy the libstdc++.so.3.0.4 into /usr/lib/
6. Create a symlink: ln -s /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.3.0.4 /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.3
7. Make sure /usr/lib/ is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH evironment variable:
(you may want to put this in your .bashrc file for future use)


Coume - Lubox.com wrote:

It appears (haven't actually tried) that the nvu tarball just gets exploded
on top of your Mozilla/Firefox installation. There's a a binary in the
tarball called "nvu-bin" which might do something for you as well.

ok does that mean I have to untar it into the Firebird folder???? Because when I tried the nvu-bin it does absolutely nothing :(

Ludo :?

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