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Re: lower window manager

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 13:40:27 +0000, Paul Thomas graced me with:
> On 18/02/2004 12:33 Gerrit wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have recently installed Fedora on a Pentium 200 MhZ with 128 MB
>> mem. The console runs fine but graphical mode is bad with KDE
>> 3.2. Can anyone recommend a less resource-intensive window
>> manager with still a bit of luxery (e.g. can I run Konsole
>> without KDE? I like tabs...)
> There a quite a few around if you check the archives - look for
> threads about installing FC on low-spec machines. I put icewm on my
> P266/160MB laptop successfully and could select it at the graphical
> login. I also managed to get it to be the default desktop with a
> bit of tweeking of config files. There are other wm's which work
> too and I'm sure you'll get good advice from those who have tried
> them.
> If you do go down that route remember that you'll lose a lot of the
> facilities which GNOME and KDE provide but you will still be able
> to run GNOME and KDE apps as you have the libraries installed.
> --
> Paul Thomas


For me? Here's an equation that works for my slowest office 
workstation, though I now use this DE/WM for all of them:

Intel P233 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 8 GB HD ---> XFce-!


Look for the Fedora link to get the RPM's for it. Install in the first 
four critical packages in this order (must do!):


Install the others in any order you wish. I do as a wildcard install.

For immediate results, you can start-up XFce-4 by typing "startxfce4" 
at the console prompt. If you are using init 5 (or equivalent), there 
is a little more work involved in getting your session manager to 
incorporate XFce-4 as a choice on boot-up. Get this far and contact me 
off list for the directions to getting XFce into GDM.

There's also another app that will create a right-click menu based on 
the apps that are found on your system: MenuMaker. I believe a link to 
it is still on the XFce site. XFce does not "natively" provide a 
desktop for icons. If you can't find it, contact me. I just don't have 
the URL readily available at the moment.

Once you have acquainted yourself with XFce, beware that you will be 
hooked. There is no turning back then, little grasshopper. :0)



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