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Re: Wish list for Fedora Core 2

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 22:46, Alexandre Strube wrote:
> Specially when you find you that mac's bsd system does not have even
> text mode ;-)

Sure it does!  Every self respecting UNIX system has a, flash a million
cryptic messages on the screen, text mode!

Enter ">console" as the username on the Aqua login screen.  The graphics
subsystem will shut down dropping you to a text mode login.  (Quite like
Solaris and most other commercial UNIX systems.)  You can also press
Apple-Option-O-F after the chime to access OpenFirmware and enter some
kernel options to show the bootup messages instead of the graphical
splash screen thingy.  From firmware you can also redirect the console
to the serial port and use a dumb terminal.

Apple has, in the immortal words of Dark Helmet, "Fooooled You!"  That's
how I'd like a desktop Linux system to act.  Hide everything advanced to
the point that no one has a clue its there unless they know to ask for
it.  However, I fully understand why Red Hat isn't quick to include
nasty splash screen kernel hacks.

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039

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