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Re: Two questions about FC1 kernel upgrades

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 05:33, Scott Burns wrote:

> This is a major problem for me.  I'm connected using a 33k6 modem from 
> home.  Two kernels and a glibc inside a week is killing me.  To add 
> insult to injury I spent all my spare time last night recompiling my 
> kernel and getting the NVidia driver to work.  I woke up this morning to 
> find 2149 was out.  With a 5 month old son, losing that spare time hurt.
> I know many people are against the idea of patches, but could we at 
> least have a patch set for the kernel source?  For those of us who roll 
> their own, it'd reduce the download from 40 odd Meg down to a matter of 
> kilobytes.  That's gotta take the strain off of a few servers...

In a matter of weeks, the Fedora CVS server will be in place, and
updates will be as simple as doing a 'cvs update', 'make srpm'
and then building the srpm locally.

diffs of the binaries has been discussed to death, with no resolution
that I've seen.

Also, as I said in the other reply, kernel updates for FC1 should slow
down dramatically very soon.


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