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Re: Gnome Panels and Xinerama

Hello Hugh,

I have similar problems. I don't use Xinerama, because my displays uses
different solutions.

Beside this, the behaviours are same, like:

(1): some Applets could not used on both displays, or they crashes
(2): the panel could _not_ configured via pressing with the right
    mouse button on it and go to "Preferences". If yes, the panel crashes
    and all / some settings are lost.

I've configured the complete second display via gconf-editor by hand.
By the way, KDE has some similar problems :)

If someone is interessted, I can write a more detailed report
(about my expericences with dual head and window managers).


Hugh Caley wrote:

I've found that Gnome is not very stable in Fedora, at least not with dual monitors.
If I use Xinerama I can't get the panel(s) to show up at all.

Without Xinerama they come up, but any attempt to modify the panel on the secondary monitor crashes and restarts the window manager.

I'm running Fedora Core 1 with all updates and a Matrox G550 dual video display.

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